All Roads Lead to an Extraordinary Place…

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Oswestry is an ancient market town in the northern part of Shropshire close to the Welsh borders. The town itself still retains its vital function as a market and shopping centre for areas from North West Shropshire to mid Wales.

The town’s origins are lost in the mystery of time. The name Oswestry is said to be a corruption of ‘Oswald’s Tree’. Legend has it that Oswald, the Christian King of Northumbria, fought a great battle against Penda, the pagan King of Mercia. Oswald was defeated and killed in the battle. Penda – as a warning to others who might challenge his rule – dismembered Oswald’s body and hung his limbs on the branches of a tree – hence the name ‘Oswald’s Tree’.

Much of the town centre has been designated a Conservation Area with a variety of architectural styles – including ancient timber-framed houses, such as Llywd Mansion, Georgian town houses and the Victorian legacy of shop facades, churches and railway buildings.

Just to the west of Oswestry lies Offa’s Dyke footpath, which runs between Prestatyn and Chepstow and outlines the Welsh border. This impressive and well-maintained trail is a great starting point to work off one of our lunches….

Our philosophy is to use the superb local suppliers for the freshest produce available, adhering doggedly to our principles of only serving the very best food.